The publication of haiku poems about “Life”

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Although the world is threatened by Covid-19, we have started the publication of the haikus written by haiku enthusiasts from all over the world, under the theme of “Life”.

This project aims to put together an anthology of haikus written by people from all parts of the world who respect and praise the importance of ‘life’ under the pandemic. It will be one of the first International Haiku collections on the pandemic curated by the people themselves.

In the future, we would like to hold an online haiku gathering on this site to connect haiku poets from every corner of the globe. After the COVID-19 situation resolves, we plan to have a haiku gathering in Kyoto with our friends from abroad who we formed connections with online.

Their haikus will gradually be updated on the world map. With our friends, let’s pay tribute to “Life” and share our fascination for the art of haiku!
Madoka Mayuzumi

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