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Theme and guidelines for haiku submission

We have decided to change the theme from March from “Events and Festivities” to “Haiku for Peace.” This change was made due to our sincere belief in the power of words to guide us in the direction we hope. Please send us your haiku for peace using the submission page.

Dear Haiku lovers and poets worldwide,


It is our sincere wish to spread, through haiku, love and hope to those in Ukraine, Russia, and everyone suffering from conflicts worldwide. Please join us in sharing haiku for peace with the world.
Kyoto Haiku Project

For a time, my thoughts
Linger on those lands to which
The swans return home

Madoka Mayuzumi

-“Haiku for Peace” from various fields –

Flowers in full bloom
Carry thoughts of my dear friends
From lands far away

The sunflower field
Overflowing with the sound
Of children’s voices

Former Minister of Defense, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Taro Kono


May winds passing through
Fresh green leaves at the border
To those waiting there

Minister of Foreign Affairs
Yoshimasa Hayashi

The submitted haikus will be published twice a month on the “Haiku from the world” page.

  • We ask that submissions contain the traditional elements of haiku.
  • Haiku is a fixed form of poetry, which means that it conforms to a certain format and is different from free verse.
  • Haiku must have a 5-7-5 syllable pattern and contain words or phrases that evoke the season. Turns or breaks, called “Kire,” are another critical element.
    “Kire” appear in the haiku to signify a shift in the mind of the composer. They create spaces that allow suggestions to drift into the reader’s mind.
    *If you wish to submit a poem in a language other than Japanese, please take this as an opportunity to attempt the original haiku format, rather than a short poem in free verse. If it is difficult to conform to the 5-7-5 format, please make sure to include seasonal words and a turn or “Kire.”
  • Please fill out the entry form once per submission (one haiku per entry). Due to limited space, each participant can submit a maximum of 2 haikus per month.
  • Please note that copyrights related to the presentation and publication of works, including secondary usage.

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