A live Haiku workshop with French junior-high students !

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Online haiku workshop

On March 4, Madoka Mayuzumi and ten students from Aristide Briand Junior high school challenged a live haiku workshop via the internet.

This workshop was organized as part of the «Reading year of on Asia » promoted by Ms. Valérie Guilbot, a teacher of history and geography and Ms. Amandine de Bouteiller, the school librarian. The students had already been introduced to the  haiku-writing by the local association Haikuman575 in January. And today they had to present their own haiku inspired by landscape photos of Kyoto.

As it was their first time to meet a professional haiku poet, they watched closely the projection screen, a little strained. «Your haiku will be deeper, if you use a seasonal motif», «Avoid the direct expressions ». They nodded to each advice.

A  Q&A session was held after the correction and comments by Mrs Mayuzumi.

-Why did you decide to be a poet?

– How long does it take to compose a haiku?

-Do you remember your first haiku in life?

The incisive curiosity of the adolescents surprised but also moved the poet.

The best haiku of the day was :

Just like the lotus

We’re born and play hide and seek

with the whole nature

Our little poets will revise and share their works with us on this site. We hope that their life-themed haikus will travel all around the world and touch the hearts of many people like birds of spring.

Datesarch 4, 2021
13: 00-13: 40 (Paris time)
21: 00- 21: 40 (Kyoto time)
SchoolAristide Briand Junior high school (Saint-Etienne, France)
Participants10 students (from 12 to 15 years old), Madoka Mayuzumi , 2 teachers, Kosuké KAWASAKI

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