The selected haikus of “Bird/Birds” – December, 2021 to February, 2022

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The theme of “Bird/Birds” – December, 2021 to February, 2022

The author of the selected haiku is certified as an ambassador of the Kyoto Haiku Project.


si vieille famille ! – / la pie sautille, légère / au milieu des tombes
moineau sur la neige – / la cloche du monastère / résonne dans l’aube
Bernard Pikeroen @France

des pigeons roucoulent/dans ma petite maison/radio au repos
matin de janvier/pas d’enfant juste un pigeon/dans la cour d’école
Micheline Boland @Belgium

un court instant / en appui entre deux monts / les ailes de l’aigle
à travers les barreaux / le ciel n’est jamais bleu / tourterelles en cage
Bernard Cadoret @France


migratory geese / echoes of children laughing / from the empty house
Milan Rajkumar @India

wagtail in the rain/feeding her baby cheese scraps/from my Sunday lunch
René Bohnen @South Africa

Coots call from the brook/ While swimming amid the reeds/ I hear yet not see
Haiku575_17 @United Kingdom

across bare branches / cardinals like new blossoms / momentary spring
Randolph Pfaff @United States

early morning rain… / the song sparrow unspools worms / from my neighbor’s lawn
Goran Gatalica @Croatia

Ibis gathering/ Whump and wind, stalking water / Patient pause and probe
Fiona Meade @Australia

catch us if you can/beside a no fishing sign/crafty cormorants
Claire Thom @Spain

The robin puffs up / like a little sun: the branch / is his horizon
Clark Strand @United States

blackbird winter food/stored on snow covered branches/wolf moon reveals theft
Aurora Ottiliana @Sweden

untended garden / bright daffodils and the calls / of blackbird fledglings
Benjamin Bläsi @Switzerland


藤本花をり @ Japan

さくら貝 @Japan

智子 @Japan

菫久 @Japan

恵理 @Japan

始子 @Japan

万結 @Japan

由佳子 @Japan

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